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My Favorite Boots (M.F.B.)

My Favorite Boots (M.F.B.) is a project featuring some cool people and his/her footwear. “You are what you wear.” We can easily recognize someone’s lifestyle and by seeing his/her choice of footwear. Let’s meet some cool people and their fantastic footwear collection, and how they choose their shoes. Enjoy it!

”You are what you wear.” 我們通常可以從一個人穿的鞋子去了解這個人的購物習慣以及生活型態。透過My Favorite Boots (M.F.B.) 這個企劃,我們將訪問各個行業中的型人,他們也會跟大家分享他們自己最喜歡的鞋款,以及他們的選鞋條件。Enjoy it!

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