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<Pioneer Collection: FOURTEENERS>

Dr. Sole 14ers Hiking Boots

Inspiration The Fourteeners boots take the name from the mountains in the North America with the altitude over 14,000 feet and combine a classic one-piece upper pattern from the Italian hiking boots in the 1970s. Featuring the traditional Veldtschoen construction, which is often seen on British-made country footwear for better waterproof performance, and Dr. Sole’s Tumaz lug soles, the Fourteeners boots are expected to handle various unexpected circumstances in the wilderness.

Simply put, the Fourteeners hiking boots is our interpretation of the traditional outdoor boots with the fusion of all the elements we think will make the Fourteeners a functional and great-looking hiking boot!

Size Suggestion Choose your regular Brannock size or Red Wing size in length. They come with two inserts to adjust the width from D to EE. For example, if you wear Red Wings in 9D or 9 EE, you may choose size 9 for the 14ers.Please contact us if you have any concerns about the sizing. Expected Lead Time If your size isn’t immediately available, a 3-4 weeks of lead time is expected. However, due to production limitations, every size can only be made in a limited quantity. Please inquire us if you can't find your size as we don't list all items on the online store.

:: About 14ers :: Uppers: Dark Chocolate Oil-tanned Leather Construction: Veldtschoen Welted Sole: Dr. Sole #1240 Tumaz Lug Sole

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