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Dr. Sole's very first lug soles - Tumaz. The inspiration is taken from the most representative wildlife of Taiwan - the Formosan Black Bear. One of the Taiwanese native tribes call them “Tumaz,” which is the origin of the name of these soles. They are easily recognized by the moon-shape white hair in the chest, so they are also called “the moon bear.” This is also why there is a white “V” bar at the waist of the Tumaz sole. 

Made of our signature SuperGrip rubber compound, making this soles as tough as it should be!  See more example.


Dr. Sole Youtube Channel >>【Bench-Re-Built】Red Wing 825 Resole with Dr. Sole’s very first lug soles - Tumaz!

#1240 Tumaz Lug Sole

  •   8 10 12 14
    F 302mm 318mm 342mm 363mm
    W 118mm 123mm 128mm 133mm
    T1 11mm 11mm 11mm 11mm
    T2 27mm 27mm 27mm 27mm


    F: Full Length / W: Width / T1 :Thickness forepart / T2: Thickness heel

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