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Light Rubber Sheet 1

Light Rubber Soles with Plating Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 2

Light Rubber Soles with Bling Bling Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 3

Light Rubber Soles with Patent Leather-Like Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 4

Light Rubber Soles with Leather-Like Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 5

Light Rubber Soles with Painted Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 6

Light Rubber Soles with Waxed Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 7

Light Rubber Sole with Vintage Wash Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 8

Light Rubber Soles with Traditional Printing Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 9

Light Rubber Soles with Gradient Paint Finish

Light Rubber Sheet 

   At first sight, Dr. Sole’s light rubber sheets look like the resin sheets; however, they are different. The light rubber sheets are lighter and more flexible than the resin sheets. Also, like the resin sheets, Dr. Sole’s light rubber sheets can be used as imitated leather soles. Due to the light weight and the lower cost, many footwear brands have been using the light rubber sheets to replace the genuine leather soles and resin sheets.

     Moreover, the light rubber sheets can be finished in many ways to meet the various needs of footwear design, such as painting, plating, vintage-wash, traditional printing, and so on. 

     The dimension of Dr. Sole’s light rubber sheets is 60cm x 90cm. Customers can cut the sheets based on their needs. The thickness and various finishes can also be adjusted based on customers’ needs.

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