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Sulfured TR Sheet

    Sulfured TR sheets are one of Dr. Sole’s most popular products, a combination of rubber and plastics. The characteristics of sulfured TR sheets are very similar to pure rubber sheets: they are durable, anti-shock, and flexible. One major difference is transparency. Sulfured TR sheets are more transparent than pure rubber sheets; that’s why sulfured TR soles look like plantation crepe soles (the most famous plantation crepe soles are probably the ones used by Clarks Originals). In addition, the luster and smooth touch of the edges of sulfured TR soles after edging are all the advantages that pure rubber sheets don’t have. Those characteristics explain why sulfured TR sheets have become one of the most popular products in Dr. Sole’s product line. 

     One thing worth noting is that temperature control plays a very important role in producing the sulfured TR sheets. If the temperature is too high, the sheets will become fragile and easy to cause cracks on soles after they are used; on the other hand, if the temperature is too low, the sheets will be “immature,” making the quality of the sheets very unstable. In order to maintain the quality of the sulfured TR sheets, after many trials and errors, Dr. Sole finally found the best temperature, at which the performances of elasticity and anti-tear are both excellent. 
     The dimension of Dr. Sole’s sulfured TR sheets is 60cm x 90cm. Customers can cut the sheets on their own based on their needs. The thickness and various colors and finishes can also be adjusted based on customers’ needs. 

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