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Rubber Sponge Outsole

Foam Rubber Sole/Sheet 

It's also known as “rubber sponge,” "expanded rubber." or "blown rubber" means making the rubber “sponge-like” by adding the blowing agent into the rubber during the production process.


The blowing agent lowers the density of the rubber and expands the rubber, making the “rubber sponge” softer and lighter than pure rubber. However, the tradeoff is that the durability of rubber sponge is not as strong as pure rubber. Fortunately, the durability of Dr. Sole’s foam rubber sheets still performs very well. Due to these characteristics, the foam rubber soles are mainly used on the casual shoes that focus on the comfort and softness. 

     As to the sole finish, the surface can be rubbed to make it fluff. 

     Foam Rubber Sheets are available. The dimension of Dr. Sole’s rubber sponge sheets is 70cm x 100cm. Customers can cut the sheets on their own based on their needs. The thickness and various colors and finishes can also be adjusted based on customers’ needs. 

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